Friday, September 30, 2005

The Rumour Mill

OK, I don't write much. Comes from working my little bum orf 8am-5pm fer no appreciable return. Am laughingly called "self employed" but in reality I work for the Government of Australia...(heh heh heh, somebody has to contribute to the pollies superannuation).. as well as the Electricity Company.. and the Gas Company, the landlord, the phone Co., my local mechanic (XF Falcon), the petrol Co's, the Insurance Co, and coming in a low latter .. Woolworths or Coles. (it's always a struggle t see who has the cheapest Noodles)

So, have just been watching Jim Lehrer's Newshour, and there was an interesting take on the 'reportage' for Hurricane Katrina. There was a discussion about 'truth' and 'rumour' and most of what came out was mostly unsubstantiated rumour masquerading as 'news'. Oh dear, whatever happened to 'responsibility'.. the transcript is here.

He who controls the Meeja, controls public opinion, I guess.

(P.S. anyone remember Elliot Carver?)

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