Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Australia..who are we>>>>

One wonders, are we Simpson and his donkey? are we Gallipoli? Are we the dancers in a vanished cloudland?nn. WE ARE all 0f this. WE ARE AUSTRALIANS.


Guambat Stew said...

Hi WW:
Sorry to just get around to your last comment at the Stew. I can't find an email to respond to.
I'm 56 and am sure I'm at least as "uninformed" as you have said you are. I might have had more schooling, but you don't learn much about the real world in school. We must remember that main stream media is a commercial product. Everyone everywhere, even on the net and even on my blog, is trying to push a line of some sort or other. It's good you're at least scratching around like a lyre bird, rooting like a wombat, to try to get a different feed of things.


Davo said...

mm, am beginning to think that it's all very confusing. Who's right, who's wrong. Methinks the discussions on the blogs are far more sensible and reasonable than that coming from the pollies in power. Do they listen.. probably not. We do, however live in a 'democracy' and somehow or other the 'majority' have handed both Houses to the libs... for whatever that is worth. The trends are extremely worrying.