Saturday, September 03, 2005

an interesting email re New Orleans

BARISTA has some interesting things to say about the disaster in New Orleans. Including a link to a very interesting email that I have linked to the title.

The Australian Government has donated $10mill to the American Red Cross.

Update: Saturday noon. This Link to New Orleans is to a blog from within the city, kept up-to-date more or less by the hour since the troubles began. One person's view, but contains much information, as well as pithy honest comment.


Liquidplastic said...

Yeah D .. when I read the Blog you linked I have to agree. Some of my family got out and they are saying the same thing. What is sad is that the American Media is not reporting the truth and it pisses me off. I feel so helpless.

Hopefully everyone will stand up and take notice of the lack of protection we are recieving from our own government, and kick the bastards out!

On a postive note ... I know this won't mean much but my thanks to the Austrlian people for their help, because we know it coming out of their pocket.

Indigo Blue said...

I would like echo liquidplastic's sentiment of thanks!