Friday, September 02, 2005

A general note

Have always been fascinated by "communication" and methods thereof. I read quite a lot of "American", as well as Aussie blogs, but rarely 'comment', as I am unable to type fast enough to 'get my thoughts in order, and keep up with the flow'. One of the problems that I find also, is cross-cultural differences. Quite a lot of what I say is very "tongue in cheek", and frequently misunderstood by those who really "take themselves seriously".

Am also interested by 'change in attitudes'. This is also happening in Australia .. especially in the past few years since our own 'little fuehrer' seems intent on marching in lockstep, jackboot by jackboot, with the american 'fearless leader'. There are a lot of disgruntled Aussies over here - especially as our 'once famed' egalitarianism, privacy, financial liberties, education and workplace freedoms - are being steadily whittled away. True Democracy degenerating into Plutocracy. (Plutus - Greek god of wealth.)

We, also, were 'sold a pup' over this Iraq thing. (though have to say that our troops have managed to 'keep their heads down' and not get shot. Um, that's not to say they are 'hiding'. Most of ours are specialist professionals, and know what they're doing - small in numbers, but very effective.)

Am sorry to say that what this 'war on terror' has done is focus attention on how sick, tawdy, and very dangerous to world peace, the current american administration really is. It is impossible to kill a faith with a bullet - or bomb. (the Romans tried, and failed. The Germans even tried wholesale massacre.)

Um, at this point I have to say that if ever you read anything of mine, I use the word "American" as a generic term, but really mean "the current american administration".

I have no 'beef', dislike, 'hate' or anything of the sort for the majority of American People. Though, here again, as a PR exercise, the 'war on terror' is a disaster. The current administration, at least from my point of view, has managed to destroy any admiration, credibility, or faith in the 'americans' as a 'world power'.

I hope, though, that this does not make anyone sad.

I know that there many people working quietly, and some not so quietly, to restore some 'balance' - both in your country and mine. Am not in any position of 'power', just 'one of the mob'. But, as time goes by, discontent, and our numbers grow.
We read, we learn.
Have never voted for OUR current lot, but for some reason the "centrist" parties here have all but disappeared. Bit like "record your vote - Woolworths or Coles". Am at the stage where I will vote for 'the other lot' whatever idiot is leader.

Hopefully, by next elections there will be enough of us to DO something.

Keep Faith in Yourself - is, perhaps, a good start.

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Liquidplastic said...

I tell you this D I am so very ashamed of my country. Now this is not a new, since I am a brown person ... I have had reasons to be ashamed of America hypocrisy. But this new shame.... very seldom am I at a lost for words, but I can't quite explain how I feel in this broken English that I speak, without being charged with treason.

The Bush administrations, like most Rebublician administration are the worst terrorists in the world.

Now here's something you might already know ... the America media don't report everything. If it was not for the Blog world and there detail reports from sources outside the good old USA ... we would not know the full truth of what is happening in our own country. Now that's too sad.

You keep on posting and I will keep on reading because you make sense. Thank goodness for the Blog world!