Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who Knows..

Most of the stuff that I write is usually prompted by some traumatic event or other, but since I’ve been relatively content for the past 30 yr or so, haven’t written anything. Then again, nothing that I’ve written could be called publishable or of major importance so perhaps it’s just as well.

True poetry, of course, is timeless and self explanatory - which mine is not, as I have to add explanations.

This one mmmm. Was written after what I thought a good friend (male), without my knowledge, stole the woman I was “in love” with, (and who had spent much time telling me how much she “loved “ me) but the “good friend” did not have the guts or sensitivity to discuss the problem with me so that I could depart with grace and dignity, leaving me with “fait accomplis” after which I became very angry. Prompting his response “ F… off! We don’t need you!” Well, that put me into a three month depression, but out of which came this -


Be careful with the words “no need”.
They can apply to such as greed;
but if, on careful thought, and grace
and looked at, face to face,
As “Love of God” or “I love you” -
our need of food or goods or self;
A pet, the sea, a friend, a Nation,
a touch, a smile, or happy conjugation;
dolphins, birds and all around,
A dive, a tramp, discordant noise.
If changed about, all things come clear.
Balanced up with those held dear,
We each and every one of us
must have some love, or “need”. So thus
take heed.
The world would be a doleful place,
A place of fuss and bother,
with many people crying,
and some, faith lost, are dying,
If all had only just one need
and needed then no other.
But, balanced up and spread around,
the world would ring with joyful sound
if we all loved each other.

Please love all these, and more -
peaceful wavelets on the shore,
a storm, the stars, a sunset sky.
I am not god, but just a man.
In deeds, a small man, I.
My needs are small, but many.

But each of us, as some huge plan,
within us hold the seeds -
the comprehensive, many needs
that dormant lie, within the pod,
Supreme, Sublime, of God.

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