Thursday, August 25, 2005

man, science, god

OK, my take on it. "god is the sum total of all the energy available in the universe". Difficult concept. Consider. I am composed of molecules (provable). Molecules are composed of atoms (proveable). Atoms are....? energy? What happens when an atom is split? Yer well, the experiment has been made.. many thousands of lives vanish. However, as a person with atoms and molecules..and subsequent energy.. am part of god. why kill me? My god is the same as everyone elses god. It it only man who uses the teachings of "prophets" (profits?) to exert political control over a population.

Consider this, the Universe comprises many atoms, much energy. Far beyond my, (and I would suggest), MANY humans comprehension. We are comfortable within limits.. a doctrine, a dogma, a wall, a fence, a boundary. National lines on a map. Recently we are given pictures of an Earth from the perspective from space. (provable). A little round globe in an immense universe.

Once upon a time the Aboriginals of the country called Terra Australis held to a Faith with this Earth for 40,000 years, surpassing the Israelites, Romans, Christians, Muslims or any Imperial "doctrine" that has been seen yet.

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