Thursday, March 08, 2018

Never too old to learn ...

... or should that be - never too old to attempt and try to comprehend multiple "error messages" while learning to transition between computers - one laptop with Windows 7 Howhile yes,me premium - bought about seven years ago ..... aaaand ....

And one new 'super computer black box" with Windows 10!!!  Arrrgh!

At this point a/. am trying to comprehend the differences between Win 7 and 10 ...
and somewhat non-plussed to find that everything, now, is 'online' or has to be 'aggregated'.

In other words, everything Windows has to be "connected" - as with Gollum Gurgle.

Why can't i simply operate my desktop computer - at home - disconnected from the "internet"??
Even the 'help' files have to be accessed 'online". (and any local comprehensible coherent computer "tech" person is located about 150klm away, and reluctant to discuss problems on the phone).

Once upon a time ... some 10, 15 years ago - when i first encountered the "internet" did, actually set up several "usernames' and associated "passwords" and - since i thought that some sort of "security" - except that i couldn't remember most of them - so printed them out and taped them all to the wall above my desk. (on the assumption that while they were 'visible' - someone would have to 'break in' to my house, smash the doors or windows - leaving, hopefully, physical evidence of "break and enter").

These days ???? have no idea. Apparently my computer "security" is controlled by Microsoft and/or Google. No, i do not have (or have so far avoided) any indentifiable presence on FarceBook or Twatter. But the personal information I have to supply to Microsoft and Google is becoming uncomfortable.  Do i trust them ??? NO.

Oh, well, can, at least, still walk to the local pub; share information without TWO "BIG BROTHERS" delving into my personal files and memories ... meh.

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