Tuesday, November 28, 2017

BIG ART ... !!..?


Um, yer, will admit to becoming somewhat cynical about Australia; it's ideas and inventions – our Federal (mediaeval?)politicians seem to have reverted to some era circa the attitudes of the 1930's …Or the diktats of Rome circa Copernicus).

However … have recently been watching a TV series on our SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)
 (um, you might have to negotiate the way from this link - but try to start at BIG ART - program 1 ...
this; at Brisbane airport, is one of their completed projects - but it does "ripple" in the breeze.)

SBS TV is partly funded by the Feds, partly by 'limited' commercial “advertisements”.
Have no idea if there is any way to view it/the series “online” as yet – but certainly gave me a massive boost in my intrinsic belief, faith; in the ingenuity us ding-bat Aussies.

The program “BIG ART” is the story, in detail, with Aussie voices, of how an Australian company; founded some 20 or so years ago – is now an International powerhouse … converting an idea, (perhaps originally sketched on an A4 piece of paper) – into an Engineering 'colossus' – which appear in 'public spaces'; fit in, even if the “public space” is immense – in many places on this planet.

The company name is URBANARTPROJECTS. Will try to find a link to their website, but only watching these 'documentaries' can possibly give you any idea of the scope and complexity; the detail, of how these projects are completed and erected; and, believe me – the final astonishing, astounding, large scale 'sculptures' - are not a 'mirage' – or CGI … meh.

At this point, will also reflect on some of the Australian 'inventions' and 'innovations' that seem to have vanished from 'world wide' memory (mainly because Aussies, in the past, have had the “she'll be right, mate” attitude, and weren't quite aware that there are rapacious Industrialist out there in the wider world. “sharing” was one of our founding ethics ….so we sort of forgot (or couldn't be bothered) with petty things like “patents”.

The “stump jump plough”; the “Ridley Stripper” (the innovation in grain harvesting, and founding engineering idea behind the 'modern' grain Harvesters seen all over the world – we ( O, OK, New Zealand) might even lay some claim to the 'first heavier than air machine that flew for more than 1000 yards under its own power). However, from some deep research; it was actually some German bloke – but the Wright Bros had better clout with the “Newspaper Spin Doctors” at that time.

The 'Kangaroo crane”; the one that climbs up very High Rise buildings; then dismantles itself on the way down – OH yes, the Americans will claim that one … pity that the patent was bought for a pittance – and the Americans manufacture then sell them back to us at obscene profit.

There are probably others that we've either 'given away' – or sold cheaply …or 'lost' ...
O, almost forgot - “sliver cell solar panels”. Far superior and more efficient to what you can buy now … however ... so far there seem to be some online quibbles ... be patient.
(and do not quote me on this) some Chinese researcher working on the project and development of this technology at the Melbourne Institute of Technology … allegedly sort of found it necessary to return to China, and is now a multi billionaire in the manufacture of Solar panels …

[all links to background info depend on my 'internet' connection. Sometimes it works; even sometimes faster that a snail on Valium. If this page turns up on Womby's drivel; am doing well].


Anne Johnson said...

America was settled by people who bought other people ... no principles whatsoever. Theft of property right and patent is child's play for our citizen criminals.

Anne Johnson said...

Oh, and feel free to call me "sweetheart." I never saw any harassment in that term. In the part of the USA where I grew up, everyone called everyone else "sweetheart" or "hon." (honey) About the only thing I like about the USA South is that people will say, "Bless your heart" in just about any circumstance.