Tuesday, October 17, 2017

reality check

Today the weather was beautiful. Clear blue skies, temperature 23C, slight breeze.
Took my 3.5 mtre (11 ft) dinghy out to sea.

The sea surface was almost glassy , could see into the subsurface. Watched the whiting circle underneath. Apparently not hungry. they nibbled, but did not swallow the baits and hooks that presented to them.
Watched a 2 ft long Yellowfin Queenfish circle beneath my boat for 3 hours. Had no interest in the baits offered. (smart fish?)

Pottered over to a Trimaran that looked as if it had "live-aboards".
Very long chats about travels, boating, fishing - Westernport Bay, - taking an 8 ton ; 32ft, ocean going ketch from Lakes Entrance  into Sydney Harbour - up to Maryborough Q; and pottering around the 'Great Sandy Straits" and pumping 'yabbies' at low tide off the iconic "Fraser Island"
 These are images that will never forget.

One of my best days in 18 months.

Perhaps one of the things that i miss here.

The "Travellers" ...

But have no 'selfie' images to prove anything ...erk.

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Davoh said...

O, if anyone things that this is some sort of 'philosophical' fantasy - i do have pics of the whiting that ended up on one of my hooks. meh.