Sunday, June 11, 2017

revisiting personal history

Last month, had the chance to experience ten days on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.
If ya wanna find out where it is - try yer favorite search engine .. heh.
Originally arrived on the Island at around age 5;  1950 - after my mother re-married to a 'Soldier settler' who took the opportunity and advantage of the offer of the gummint of the day to 'develop' farms on the Island.

Lived, learned, loved there until about 1962.

Have, now, many anecdotes, memories; of what is was like then - and images of how it is now ...
but that will have to wait until i have organised them all into some sort of coherent narrative with images.  Don't hold yer breath.

After 60 or so years - has it changed much?  Yes, and no.
One of the Island philosophies IS 'preservation'. Quite a lot of the land space is devoted to National Parks and "conservation habitat' (no rabbits, foxes, or bees - apart from the pure strain of Ligurian bees that exist on the island).

(They don't like dogs, either, had to put Abbey into kennels for the entire time .. meh).

Aaaah ..... memories.

Though if anyone wants to ask specific questions ... they will be answered.
(and no - wasn't suckled by a sealion ...).


Anne Johnson said...

I have dozens of questions but will wait for the narrative without holding my breath.

Davoh said...

Ah, Anne, 'tis a long narrative. Will try to compress it into the recent ten days on Kangaroo Island.

Davoh said...

Anne, at this point of time am struggling with Computer efforts to turn the journey into an 'edited' DVD documentary ..