Wednesday, June 14, 2017

melaleuca - what's not to hate

Introduced weeds. Have recently watched an American produced Program - :"Dirty JOBS". **
I love it. one of the few "Septic Tank"  TV shit that i can cope with.

Melaleuca .. oops, as well as  the Californian eucalyptus, it seems that Australian invasive species is not only in Hollywood .... heh.

Um, at this point am only aware of the Free to air TV program "Dirty Jobs", on Australian Broadcasting Network ... funded by the Australian taxpayer as a  "Public Service".

However, also found it, fund it, on Googles 'Youtube'  - so who funds it - who stumps up the money to fund and make these sorts of programes??
NOT Google - PIGGYBACK on other efforts and funding????

Youtube pays zero  on 'publicly supplied video'. Oh yes, after Google purchased the 'startup' idea of 'youtube'  for a few million and turned it into a multiBillion "advertising" industry ...
It still remains some sort of TITLE click bait.

"THE WORST AIRCRAFT CRASH IN HISTORY!!" attracts more 'clicks' and "views" - than 'aircraft expert crash  investigators try to discover why'.

Or - Headlines - "TERRORIST DRIVES INTO SHOPPING CENTRE" .... until one discovers that some elderly daft bloke mistook the accelerator from the brake and broke the window of a hairdressing shop ...

and never let a "commercial" TV station 'reporter' stand too far away from the 'disaster' image which has the 'advertisers' image  somewhere in the background.

"Commercial" TV reporter standing in front of serious multilevel  apartment fire ...

Waffle, waffle ... Cut to
Advertisement for Fire Insurance ..... ????

Crap. Serious emotional manipulation.

** British version of Mike Rowe

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