Monday, April 03, 2017

flying free (updated)

Image by Davoh

Image by Davoh

um, do have pics of a Wedge tail eagle .. be patient , will find them.
In the mean time, while waiting  ...
(o shit, can't find images of me in gliders; with an eagle off the left wing - following me around in a thermal - oops. they have to be somewhere. Ancient "photographs" ... remember them? Some time before 'instant' phone pics"

Or are these 'images' only recorded in my memory?

perhaps. The first image was recorded while, self was standing, in a forest, watching the circular flight of this magnificent creature.

The second image was recorded while driving along a country road, .

This Wedge tail Eagle is looking at me - because he is standing on 'roadkill'.

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Davoh said...

Um, if anyone thinks this fantasy - I do, actually, have a certificate that proves i do have more than 60 hours as a Glider pilot, and approved to carry passengers.