Saturday, December 10, 2016

once upon a time ..

ROME: was the Greatest Empire within written history. (well, apart from Egypt - but that Empire sort of lost the plot a bit, because it could not write words in Latin; mainly because they had 3 or four thousand years of history before Rome was even a glimmer in Romulus or Remuses eye. ).

 Babylon ... nah , an Empire long before Saul of Tarsus had his 'falling off the donkey' moment - and decided that alliance with the Roman Imperial Army might be better option than becoming nailed to a tree.

 Mohmmet ... mmm,,. have no real notion from where He 'derived His ideas'; but will continue to remind readers the "written Word" of Mahomet (Yhw rest his soul) came 600 years after the notion of "Yeshua ben Yoseph).

(yep, this is a sort of jest, but based on written and scientific archeological History).

Might actually continue this post ... later ... since it was actually prompted by my memories of actual work experience with Griffin Press, South Australia. A Book printing factory some time back in the 1970's ?

Worked on the 'bookbinding' machines; paperback and 'hardback" for three or four years . Also had the opportunity to wander among all the other complex machinery and disciplines of "printing" a "book".

And yes, way back then, disquiet and wonder - how could it be possible to "Print", Bookbind, AND TRANSPORT a book back to Australia cheaper than WE could produce?

Which brings me, now, to what sort of Australia the young people will 'believe in'.
Every "movie' and Television station broadcast is from America - do we really need a society that 'smashes' every motor vehicle and building in it's way?

Do WE really need to teach our children that it's OK to play "computer games" where it's possible  to "get shot" several times, become dead , then click "reset; start again"???

Seriously where are the 'computer games' where if you "crash a car" you are damaged and a whole heap of 'support services" turn up

.... and you "lose" points as long as you "really" stay in any 'publicly funded hospital'.

Do they REALLY understand this REAL concept?

Which sort of reminds about  the Drumf version of this planet .
There is no help out there. Ya wanna climb Mountains - go fer it but do not blame me if ya fall off. DO NOT expect rescue. There IS no community support if you are not in the Donald Drumpf House of tinsel and gold plate.

Fascinating. However i still have faith that this planet, and the peoples on it have more native intelligence, and more resilience than anyone in the smallish patch of ground between Canada and Mexico ...meh


Anne Johnson said...

I keep reminding myself that nothing, nothing humans can do to the planet will have a significant geological impact. Heck, meteors have smashed Earth and it rebounded. Trump won't even fossilize, he's that insignificant.

Davoh said...

Anne, be of good Cheer - Don Brumf is but a long line of 'disruptive' influences of the this planet (Gaia, if you wish) ... in recent history it has been Microfoft, Goougel, and Amazon - the "internet" that has, from my point of view, "disrupted" our comfy little Notion of "Nations".

Gaia will survive - whatever us petty humans do .. well, until OLD SOL becomes a bit elderly a few million earth years hence.