Sunday, November 27, 2016


Um, yer, i know, am somewhat removed from the 'updates' in technology ... but am becoming aware of this thingo called "Paywave" where a 'credit' or debit card can be simply 'near' a WiFi gadgemethingo at a vendor for them to "transfer" money from my account into theirs.

"um", say I to the vendor (shopkeeper), "What happened to my PIN number or signature?"
"O" he sez cheerfully, "Ya don't need that anymore".
???? think i.

What happens if i inadvertently leave my card somewhere - or if it's stolen?
"O, it can only be used up to $100.00"

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS????? That's half my rent; or two weeks worth of food!!!

how come $100.00  is now considered 'petty cash'???

Gah!! grumble mumble ...

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