Sunday, August 21, 2016

unsung heroes

Yep, am, or have become, a cantankerous elderish curmudgeon.

... but here are two of my "unsung" heroes in my recent lifetime.

Sam Jones 

and Chloe Esposito

(am sure that there will be MANY details published about  Chloe in the days to come.
She's only 24 years on this planet. Hope that she retains a strong and 'down to earth' family).

Not up to me to provide details .. freely available on the internet.


Davoh said...

Yep, everyone gets excited about what i call 'ten second' achievements.
100mtres, 200mtres. how high can one jump.

The 'marathons' are my interest. Can any "normal" people really comprehend the details of what the Mongolian Derby reaaly entails ? doubt it.
Similarly the Olympic 'pentathlon'(five events) .. Neither of these competitors had the choice of horse. Which makes each achievement ... astounding ...

Davoh said...

She may also encounter an internet "conflict of names". There's another 'ChloƩ Esposito'.