Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aha .. found the original me

Nah, not really. it seems that another 'persona' - Kooka - has been commenting.
So, in the interests of full disclosure -
My name is David  Hursthouse (apparently no real relation to all the other Hursthouses on the internet ... meh  .. go find me).

I live, now, in  the State of South Australia 5583 (email address is only a couple of 'clicks' away.

What else do you need to know about me?


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Good afternoon (here in london) David Hursthouse, Australian star of stage and screen. I notice there's a Natalie on your blogroll. If it's me, I thank you. But the link doesn't lead to my web home, it goes to some Gurgle thing. The link for my Blogger blog is:
If the Natalie is a different one, my apologies.

You are also on my blogroll as Wombat's waffles.

Davoh said...

Hello again Natalie. Am not really sure how to respond at this time in my life - in other words, seem to be experiencing some sort of 'depression'. Well, not 'depression' in the sense of a severe 'mental' condition - more along the lines of a considerable lack of 'incentive'. Mostly created by lack of finance and a frustration with things that don't "perform as advertised" (fuckups outside of my control? ... heh). have just spent an hour and a half on the phone to Telstra (the business that controls pretty much 98% of internet connections [started a bit like British Telecom - but don't know if they are now similar - "privatisation" of essential public services is, and will continue to be, the bane of 'civil' society).

My 'broadband' WiFi dongle thingo is still not performing as it should. Have not been able to access the internet for three days. The 'real' live person (with almost incomprehensible accent) tells me that still have $60.00 credit and 1Gig of data available - for 290 days - but the info from the dongle thingo tells me that i have NONE - "recharge now!". If i click on the message - end up with an "error page". Sheesh!

Oh, sorry Natalie - many things have sort of "not happened to my advantage" since January so have almost 'gone to bed to hide under the doona' until things improve.

Um, probably why i haven't written to Womby's drivel much of late. Am not keen on 'whinging', and there hasn't been much 'upbeat' and/or positive to write about.

However, here's you, keep popping up - and giving me some sort of incentive to think that not everything and everybody has abandoned me - so try to make some sort of response.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Sorry I didn't respond to to this, Davoh, but as you may have seen on my blog, I'm tied up with urgent work at the moment (not complaining, it's my work and I like it!) and I'm spending very little time surfing the net-waves. I did appreciate your stopping by to comment over at my online home and also that you browsed my website. There's enough stuff there to keep you entertained for some time - assuming you find my stuff entertaining, or thought-provoking, or whatever.

Don't know what I can offer as balm for your current non-incentivated state. Am not one for the happy-clappy-buck-up-pull-yourself-together type of slogans. There are legitimate reasons we feel down sometimes and you seem to have valid reasons for your down-state. I have no practical advice to offer but I sincerely hope the clouds will move away from your sky and that you'll feel like it's worth getting out from under the 'doona'. Funny, isn't it, that quilts and duvets are also known as 'comforters'. Yes, they can keep you warm but they're anything but comforting when one is feeling blue! I hope you'll have a better day tomorrow, whatever time of day it is down under. Best wishes, Davoh - that's not a cliche, I mean it.

Vest said...

So you were chased out of town? I mean Sunny corner. BTW I am still with the living, although yesterday I was 90 days short of my ninetieth. Hope you are well.