Thursday, September 17, 2015

yep, remain alive

WOW. This week has been interesting, politically. We have a new "Prime Minister".
Malcolm Turnbull has replaced Anthony John Abbott as leader of the current majority members in the current Parliament.

What will it mean? Dunno yet. Wait and see - but there are 'polls' (surveys?) around that the general mood is "relief". Yep, me too - though can only hold cautious optimism.

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Vincent said...

Glad you are still alive. Hope you are enjoying your new PM. Like any Englishman I recall the relish with which Malcolm Turnbull cocked a snook at the British Government back when Spycatcher was the scandal of the day - one which gave the book a great deal more publicity than it deserved. Literature it was not.

May the broadband be with you. Stay well and enjoy your upside-down antipodean spring.