Monday, August 24, 2015

NBN connection - update

Um. Promises promises - deliverance - NIL.

Yep, bloke turned up on "booked", "promised" day, today.

"um", e sez - "too wet. yer'll hafta re book".
(and yes, rang the 'Service provider' - acquainted them with the problem - fortunately they speak and comprehend the language (annoyed, frustrated: verging on angry) "Aussie" - so ............ hafta wait a bit
... again   --- (settle - breathe deep... David, 'tis not the end of the world).


Vest said...

The point is would you hurry to help them to solve a problem, prob nope couldn't give a rats-too much bother do it later or whenever or maybe not.uncertainty abounds- reliability and crap mean the same thing most times, i'm back, ow yer going ?

Davoh said...

The point is would you hurry to help them to solve a problem Yep.

While the two youngish blokes (one in 'training') came into the house and 'checked out' the practical problems of connection - self suggested that the 'line of cables' would be shorter if ya just drilled through the wall at the point near where the antennae is located.
"Oh," said the senior installer, "We can't do that. Looks like asbestos."

Um, think i, later. Cottonwool kids.

If and when they come back to actually 'install'

Seriously, IF, the wall panels are asbestos (methinks not, but without proof) ME, MYSELF will drill hole through them .... on the premise that "asbestosis" takes more or less 20 years to become a health problem. Believe me, at my age, and - sometimes willing; sometimes in ignorance destruction of my physical body - 20 or thirty years hence - will be worrying about more than "asbestosis" - if i survive that far. ... heh.