Friday, July 10, 2015

whoo hoo ..

Just in case readers may persist in the perception that am an "ancient old fogey".

Um, probably am ... have been searching hundreds of "recent" photo files and can't find the one of me that proves am me in a motorcycle helmet.

Ah - can i 'prove' anything with some words, and a 'photo' - of course not.

My "history" belongs the "staging" of something that belongs to the ancient concept -
the willing suspension of dis-belief. Think about it.

Aha - found it

Also have a recent pic of three old fogeys ...
um, well, one is behind the camera ... heh.
(and no, the white truck isn't mine. The scrubby old Jackaroo 'bushbasher' is off to the left, behind, as always).
And yep, there's a sort of hidden 'joke' in this pic. If we find a "difficult" track - the bloke in the blue cap always sends me first - because he doesn't want to get his nice new 4WD 'scratched' ... heh.

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