Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gallipoli - 100 years on

What can i say?  Everything, historically, has been said, mulled over - the truth, facts; and myths - exploited and told ... for a hundred years.
What persists. ANZAC?

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (that's pronounced 'core'; not 'corpse'). Language is a peculiar beast.

While yes, the fledgling Federated Commonwealth of the disparate States in Australia made some agreement in 1901 ... in 1915 everyone in Australia and New Zealand still believed that they were part of some sort of "benevolent, all powerful, 'British' Empire".

That notion began to change at Gallipoli.



Vest said...

I sometimes wonder if the boot was on the other foot and the Turks had invaded NSW , would we be so accommodating as the Turks are at Gallipoli to our tourists if the Turks returned to NSW for an annual pilgrimage and relive the carnage in NSW ?
My feeling is negative.

Davoh said...

WOT? While yes, in 1915 - 100 years ago - the Emir, Bey, Caliph of the Ottoman empire may well have been conscious, aware, that there were parts, and peoples of the British Empire existing in the South; beyond the 'Equator' - doubt that that was his primary concern.

His only concern - at that time - was the preservation of his Ottoman Empire.
Apparently, as history has recorded - he had choices; Remain neutral; ally with the Russians; the British .. or the Germans.
He chose the Germans (or the Germans at that time chose Him).

All warfare is not necessarily conducted with troops (or boots) - on the ground.

But yep ..... 'tis the "boots on the ground" that tend to create Empires. Believe me, an army cannot function without its Sergeants, Cooks, and Supply clerks --

Whatever the 'politicians' - "Generals" and "Brigadiers" pretend to believe.

Davoh said...

Vestie (yes, my father died in 1945, so "ANZAC" day brings many turmoils of emotion in me) .. am not an expert researcher - but it seems to me that - while every young man in Australia, in 1915 - 100 years ago, perhaps naively - "believed" in Empire British; the Gallipoli campaign began to make our own military commanders begin to rethink.

Please remember that; in 1915; 100 years ago - the "Australian Imperial Force" was completely and without question - under the command of British General Military Staff. At That point they had no choice.

Davoh said...

and yes ... 'twas on the "Western Front" where Australian military generals (and the troops under their command) began to DISbelieve the 'commandants' of the English Generals.

There is a place in the Northern Hemisphere - Villers-Brettaneux (microsoft can't spell it - neither can i - long forgotten) - where the Australian troops - under the command of John Monash - using 'lateral' thinking and tactics - "began the 'breakthough' of the stalemate on the Entrenches on the "Western Front" 1918.

Yes, Australian troops and assets were committed to the dickhead Northern Hemisphere stoush in 1939 ... buut hey - are Northern Hemisphere stoushes - Australia's basic problem ????