Tuesday, November 04, 2014



Almost didn't make it. Took this beastie for a ride last Wednesday (29th October 2014).

Attempted a 4 foot high hurdle, horse swerved left; self continued straight ahead.
Oops, think i, tucked in, landed on right shoulder, bounced once, rolled a few times - then stood up in a cloud of dust.

Fortunately no physical damage to self  - apart from a dent in self esteem ... heh.

However, the 3rd day in November marks a life's 'milestone'.
70 years alive on this planet.

Had a bittuva celebration.

(however, after a bit of thought - am asking myself an existential question - why are there no "images" of some of my more 'speccy' physical exploits?).


Vincent said...

Congratulations, Dear David, on achieving this hurdle & joining the Septuagenarian Club. Never mind about the other hurdle, blame the horse.

In the absence of piccys of your more spectacular physical exploits, I think it's time you conveyed them in words, remembering the well-known exchange rate. One thousand words is worth a picture. Get tapping & don't be modest!

Vest said...

Congratlulatios old person.
My eldest Son was 60 recently follwed by the second from most junior at 50. So in biblical years, thou art ten more years senior to Methuselah.

Davoh said...

Vincent, thank you - may become as erudite and articulate as you via a keyboard.

Vestie;- took truck into the forest yesterday - looking for lyrebirds. Seriously stripped a front RHS tyre last night. Slept the night in truck until friend delivered Wheel brace at 6AM.

No lyrebirds found.

Vest said...

Had friends visit us from Lithgow yesterday, first time in 27 years.
They say it is 15 km from Sunny Corner.

Davoh said...

Vestie; this place is 'bush years' away from the concepts of the 'modern' "Sydney" CBD.

Davoh said...

Vincent .. perhaps i should learn how to take "selfies" ... heh.

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