Saturday, July 19, 2014

who gives a shit ... ?

Yer, i know - every living species on this planet excretes.

However, have just heard that whales also give an important shit.
There are microscopic entities on this planet which apparently have yet to enter the political mind.

 The short story;-

They're called phytoplankton.
Phytoplankton absorb sunlight, iron and CO2.
Krill eat phytoplankton,
Whales eat krill, but excrete iron.
Phytoplankton absorb iron and CO2, excrete oxygen.

Therefore - fewer whales = more krill = fewer phytoplankton = more CO2.

(yer i know,  can't - at this point - reduce that equation into a "three word slogan" that might have any 'political' impact ... heh.)

Doubt that "Save the whales" would have any traction among the "sell the fossils" coterie.


Davoh said...

Yer, i know, no "specific" facts ... but yep, as the ocean warms, absorbs our idiocy so that few people notice - phytoplankton are in trouble. Or, for a "landlocked" imaginative mindset - imagine if the Amazonian rainforest completely vanished.

Vest said...

Save the Whales, collect the whole set.

Davoh said...

Doubt if all the whales would all fit on my mantelpiece, Vesty.

Weell - all the living, breathing, spouting ones.

On the other hand - there is a very large ocean out there somewhere.

Perhaps it might dawn on someone that the ocean might perhaps be more important than an Sydney apartment with a $3mill "view".