Thursday, June 26, 2014

education ......

Suck up, suck in ...
or differentiate.\

YEEE HARRRR!!! - or, as the clown of our current "prime minister" continues to present himself as a dickhead on the world stage .. "ye how".
Ah, he now has a texan hat to add to the "family album". Whatever happens after his tenure matters not, to him.

He has achieved 'notoriety in his own lunchbox'. - he has (in the grand scale of political achievements): five minutes of Fame.


Vest said...

As much as I believe you are a nice person with good intent, I have a sneaky feeling you would not have the makings of an OZ Prime Minister. For starters your ears are not Large Enough.

Anne Johnson said...

My daughter works two jobs and can't afford a car or her own place. Between low wages and high loan payments, she may never leave home. So much for our middle class dreams, eh?

Davoh said...

Um, Anne .. the trite answer is "ya get wot ya vote for".

"democracy" isn't really all it's cloaked in.

"plutocracy' or "oligarchy" has far more 'traction' these days.

However, Anne, my remaining belief is "with the people" - if that makes sense.

Vest said...

Living beyond your means.

If you have a good source of wealth it is better to stay in a lower class situation, unknown and unlike a celebrity, life is more bearable when you are seemingly poor and unknown, but are not in reality. Also the majority of your friends are genuine. and you will worry less.
and live an affordable life.

emmett hall said...

Hmmm... seems those down-under are suffering with much the same polictical BS we have up in the United 50. Except we have more mouths to feed out of the federal trough. Spot on there Vest, there was an article some time ago about the millionair next door. You would never know it, because they kept their heads down and pretended middle class. There are so many like Ann that have problems getting thier kids out of the house. Similar to Vest I served 24 years in the good old U.S. Navy. I joined to learn a trade and stayed. No regrets. Women can do superb in the military. Just a thought. Besides the #1 one patriotic thing Americans like to do is.... Blow Shit up. No better place than the military for that.
As a sidebar... I enjoy randomly scanning through Blogs. It is refreshing to come across one that is more current than 2-10 years old.