Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's a billion ...? ... or 2 or24 [updated]

... between friends?

Yer, i know, am not an "economist" (well, debatable point. Seem to have been able to survive - more or less comfortably - on $350.00 per week fer the past 5 years).

Nobody really knows what this alleged "horror" budget IS.

However, will take extreme umbrage with the notion that the COMMONWEALTH of Australia can afford to spend $24 billion  on fantasy aircraft. For a start, very few are actually flying.

Especially since our nearby neighbors already HAVE the Sukhoi Su-30's.(yep, look them up, don't take my word for it - but they are apparently 'superior' to anything the Americans have come up with - so far).
(and yep, so far Tony Abbot is inadvertently, somehow, annoying our immediate neighbours - and believe me - "foreign" minister Julie Bishop' s "death stare" will not be all that effective in some nations.). 

Toys fer boys? Has been mentioned that warfare is mostly about "attrition". In other words, we'd be better off with 500 WW2 Spitfires. Cheap to build locally. Not much time to train the pilots.
In any case ... why does Australia NEED 54 American military/ industrial fantasy jet fighters?
 We live on an island!!!! Submarines - yes.
Naval Air warfare destroyers - yes.
Bushmaster troop deployment vehicles - yes.

We already HAVE the shipyards, expertise, personnel - to build these things.

 Defend the MOAT.

(by the time the Australian Island continent is actually, and/or seriously "invaded" by hostile military forces - it will be too late for any sort of supersonic "jet fighters". Our major 'defence'  IS the size of our landscape)

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