Friday, May 09, 2014

Ah, time passes

Have just had a look at the 'feedjit' thingo, found a 'recent visitor' looking at

..then self watched/listened to the song "beautiful in my eyes" again.

Brought back memories of the woman who introduced me to the song.
We enjoyed a 14 year relationship. Died in 2009. Perhaps she escaped the ravages of old age, perhaps not.
Perhaps her ghost still haunts me.

She will always be Beautiful, in my eyes.

The creases in my face ARE from a lifetime of smiles (and frowns).  Am not sure which are the more predominant, these days.

It has become increasingly difficult to explain "life" to the "fresh faced" 16, 17, 24, 34, 44 year olds.

Twits, twats, and Farcebook i do not need.  Nor do i need Gurgle trying to "connect" me to every person on this planet (well, those with access to the electronic "interneted").

 Am neither a 'leader' nor "follower".

On the other hand - perhaps it might be time to put rather more "REAL" elder images to that song?

Addendum: Yep, first heard it on a CD by Joshua Kadison.
Seems to be popular among the youngies

Heh ... but OY, what about us 'wrinklies'?????
.. and it's "peace" of mind - not 'piece' Gah ... young people's peculiar literacy!!!!

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Davoh said...

Um, on second thoughts ... perhaps just listening to the CD might be better for my peace of mind ... heh.