Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should i be surprised?

AUSTRALIA, as a notion, has been, and continues to  be SOLD OFF - to 'interested buyers'.

Hey why not? Public (Commonwealth) funded Education from the ages between birth and six years- then from age 6 and 12 - has been systematically degraded for the past 40 years.

Why do i write this? Because the Commonwealth allowed me to attempt to rise from an isolated farmers son - and attend the Wattle Park "Teacher's College", under the Aegis of the, now, acknowledged author  
Colin Thiele.

While yes, so far, have failed him in the "authorship" and "description of locality" - either in words or paint - acrylic or turpentine --

Will always, in my heart, give thanks to one of my teachers who told me and explained "how words and images work".

ERK, wish, NOW, that he'd taught me how "computers" work.

ce est la vie?



Vest said...

avez - vous un guide en anglaise?
Quel est le proble'me?

Davoh said...