Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arrrrgh!!!! should it come to this?

There was a time in the brief history of the Australian political experiment since 1770 - when the British Overlords began to establish the "way it should be" - using convicts as the 'labour force'. "Convicts", of course, is the 'nice', publicly accepted way of saying "slaves".

Some of the "slaves" escaped into the wild wasteland that still remains in the island continent of Australia.

In 1901, some 'farseeing' individuals organised the "Federation" of the disparate, and individual "Colonies".
New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia (which, by the way was founded and survived without convict labour) then Western Australia. Yep, am not sure when the penal colony of Tasmania acquired a parliament. 

Mainly with the thought that each individual and separate Colony might have problems defending itself from the 'rising' military might of some European Nation states. So, in 1901, the Federated Commonwealth of Australia began, and has grown into this entity called "Canberra". Federal politicians.

There was also a time, way back when the Brits had some say ... there were bushrangers. - The Aussie version of 'Robin hoods'. Take from the rich, and give to the poor.

This is not a serious prediction .... but the time may come .... again .... heh.


Vest said...

Most Bank Robbers are now serving behind the counter, they rob the poor and provide their CEO's with
salacious salaries.

Vest said...

A Happy and prosperous new year to you, Methuselah.

Vest said...

R U OK ?

Davoh said...

RUOK is not a word. Am,however,still a smartarse - and since i can, actually, occasionally decipher shorthand codes - will answer the question. Depends on what you mean by "ok". Still retain ten fingers and ten toes - though there seems to be an extra inch or so of adipose tissue collecting in the region of my navel.

Must get out and exercise more (but yep, that's me on the horse).

Have to admit to a smidge of despair if i think about what humans are doing to this rather rare planet - but my voice is tiny, without authority, so can't be bothered saying anything.

Hope that that answers your question. Cheers.