Wednesday, June 12, 2013

monitoring internet traffic

Yep, have 'feejit' and another, 'statcounter'[ - oddly enough, long before Gurgle inserted their algorithms into this blog.

Who knows, At this point am guessing that anyone with "nothing to hide" in 'internet' concepts has, basically, nothing to hide.

One (me) wonders why the "gummint" spends billions of dollars trying to find out if am a 'terrorist'.

i might be, but the last thing that i might put "online" is the the details of how i might achieve it.


And, whether anyone likes it or not - the Billions of dollars creating and supporting the NSA (National Security Authority)  in the experimental patch of territory between Mexico and Canada - has serious questions to ask of itself.

So far, there is a list of "security breaches" that the "Untied States of America" - failed to notice.

Nothing new here. Fuck orf.


Davoh said...

On the other hand - there is nothing "subtle" about Rupert Murdoch. He knows, and plays - with 'popular opinion' - at their expense, and his profit.

Davoh said...

um, " my cousin's family has prepared a Sunday roast".

Yep, you bet. That comment is worth a few billion expenses.

Vest said...

On the other hand there are five fingers or are there only four?

Davoh said...

There is only one hand clapping