Saturday, June 01, 2013

cognitive dissonance

Yer, i know, have several "gurgle linked" websites and 'blogs' - but not this one. Was created(?) before Gurgle got their grubby hands on it  .. buut, at some point may have to 'bend the knee' and succumb.

Until then .. who knows.

So, some observations of politics in Australia.

Tony Abbot claims to "turn back the boats". How?  Can anyone remember that it was the "Howard" gummint who created the "offshore processing" of refugees? Has anyone actually looked  at a map?

Christmas Island is only a couple of hundred sea miles away from the coast of Indonesia. Too easy.

IF i were a "people smuggler", all would need to do is pay some local Indonesian fisher folk with clapped out boats, and devastated fishing industry (don't get me started on that aspect) - a few dollars, cheap at half the price. And Gee, guess what, the caring, considerate Australian Navy comes to collect them and make sure that they're safe and sound. Howard gummint policy.

On the other hand - close Christmas Island 'detention' centre - make them travel the few thousand sea miles and see whether the clapped out boats have the crews and navigational skills,  seaworthy boats to actually arrive on Australian shore? Methinks that would be a bit more 'expensive' journey.

Is that what Tony Abbot wants? Either that, or 'ordering' the Australian Navy to 'sink on sight'. Doubt that that would be comfortable with the captains and crews. Especially since the local military is now the ADF.

Australian Defence Force - not the Australian ATTACK force. Subtle difference.

O, and have also read that Tony Abbott says that he wants to buy 'drones' to cope with the refugee problem. To do what, exactly? Surveillance? Won't stop any boats. Secret assassination?

Tony Abbot also claims "gummint waste". OK, does anyone remember the billions of taxpayer dollars spent by the Howard gummint on American fantasy aircraft? Probably not.

O, i forgot - that was back in the years when Wall Street and the cosy relationship with the "Liberals" in Australia were happily governing by paranoid delusion.

Not to worry .. someone will vote, some how. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

Been thinking on similar lines, Davoh.

Davoh said...

It's a looong story Neil, with many subtle twists and turns. Right now; am wondering what the effect Archer Daniels Midland -an 'american' "Corporate Entity" has on the takeover of Aussie grain production - please ... 'who screws who' on a personal; one to one level - is not high on my priority list. Nice to know that yer remain alive.

Luv ya .... heh.