Monday, April 15, 2013

hoax emails

Um, Gurgle (and Blugger) seems to becoming very peeved me with for hanging on to the 'old', or 'original' version of Blogger. The time may well come when Womby's drivel will have to 're-create' itself according to the dictats of the gurgle conglomerate.  Will let you know when Wombat's Waffles 2, appears.

However, have just received two emails puporting to come from American Airlines telling me that my ticket is now available ... with the innocuous link "download details".

How stupid do the scammers/phishers think i am?

I live in Australia and, while might be elderly - methinks i might remember if i had any interest; or indeed HAD booked a ticket on an airline.

What bothered me was the intimation that my credit/debit card had been already debited.

I do not trust the internet, my card No's might be known to those with whom i have had no transactions.
Have contacted the bank (initially by phone) to say that there is no way that any transactions from "American Airlines"  have my authorisation - and they also suggested that i 'forward' the emails.

Excerpt for info -
Thank you for alerting us to a suspected hoax email via our email address '' - your feedback is greatly appreciated.
The information that you have provided will assist us and the relevant authorities in discontinuing these hoax websites as quickly as possible.

Just sayin'.


Vest said...

If you are as poor as you suggest you are, it is hardly worthwhle being squeezed.

Davoh said...

Yep .. one wonders. If, perchance they tried to extract $325.00 from my bank account there'd be a sudden halt. Questions asked. Not there .. heh.

Vest said...

Maybe Gerry would squeeze better.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Remember the Nigerian Prince? Everybody knew him. Oh boy, he came up with the wildest stories.