Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wow, that was quick

Well, they had to. The only remaining "growth" areas for the Roman church were Africa and Latin america.

Seems a logical 'political' choice. ... heh.

Can you imagine the "jokes" about 'white' smoke announcing a 'black' pope ..whooo hoo.


Vest said...

I BELIEVE, That most roman candles are nuttier than nutty Muesli-ims

How is it that supposedly super intelectuals know or hide from scientific proof that the hereafter is sheer bumkum.
I wonder what would happen if Pope Frank lived up to his name and announced to the world and told his cringing believers the guy at the top you think exists don't anymore he just fell off his perch, and Frankly 'I Don't give a damm. " I an only here for the Bier".

Vest said...

He aint black just faintly dusky. Spanish and possibly local Injun. like their neighbours Chilean Bernardo Ohiggins, Irish- Injun.

Vest said...

The "Pope from the pampas".

BBC said...

The media certainly do seem to be obsessed with this new fucking pope.

Davoh said...

OK, lets look at this. Is he a "Christian" "Pontiff"?

Davoh said...

Define 'Christian'.

Davoh said...

"He aint black just faintly dusky. Spanish and possibly local Injun."..

Vestie - would be a bit more careful about making comments like that.

Perhaps his parents were Italian .. que.