Saturday, March 02, 2013


OK, will start here
Lonliness ... have been reading a very well researched article (can't find the link, at this point) detailing why the  National Broadband Network  is a massive 'infrastucture' worthwhile project.

There are, of course, "naysayers"; but where do they live? Inner-city? Have incomes (and bank faith) that allow the purchase of housing worth a somehow "inflated" value of AU$600,000.00 and above? So that they can all "cluster" together - and refuse to acknowledge the rest of us  'peasants'?

 Rome - you have much to answer for!

Yer, i know; this is a work in progress online. - never completed.

Is there a "point" .. perhaps not. Am, of course, typing this 'al dente' - nah that means 'half toothy' - "off the cuff" is perhaps the Anglaise version.

"Polite political correctness" ? Dunno. Grew up in a cosmopolitan  version of Australia where a wog was a wog, a spic a spic - and we all LAUGHED about it !

(um, must be becoming elderish - can't remember anyone "killing" anyone in the locality about the differences).


Vest said...

So you lost your silver spoon somewhere on your travels. Me, never had one to start with, have one now a bit tarnished but in working orderacth 225

Davoh said...

Um, grew up on a "soldier settlement" farm on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Vestie. So can re-imagine 2 years in half a Nissan hut. Bit like the "1940 - 60's" "immigrants". Don't give me the shits.