Tuesday, February 05, 2013

reverting to childhood


Am very close to parting with barely sufficient finance.
Just because i can.

 [oh, bye the way ... copy 'n' paste from an email ...

Hi Rob, just a note while i have the satellite turned on. My little body has  been taking a bit of 'damage' recently, and probably will over the next couple of months.

HOWEVER - nothing very serious. Had just managed to repair self after the tumble off the horse when i receive notification that am 'booked in' for the inguinal hernia repair that had been waiting roughly 12 months for.  Not that the hernia ever really bothered me (except when i coughed or sneezed .. heh).  Knew that was booked in on Friday 25th Jan (with o/night stay), but not the time.

Had arranged with Larry to drive me into Lithgow and pick me up the following day - but had no idea what time i was supposed to arrive until 7pm the Thursday night - phone call "we want you here at 7 AM" !!!.  Bloody 'ell. Managed to contact Larry, but he couldn't make it, so drove self in.  Op apparently went well - was on the table at about 7.30am ... woke up in the ward at about 9am. Felt a bit woozy, had a squizz, saw a tinsy little 3 inch bandage; and wondered whether the nurses had fun fiddling with my wiggly bit when they shaved me (bugga, untouched by female - or other - hand, since 2009. Wish i'd been awake fer that ...  heh.

Not a lot of pain, so spent the rest of Friday being extremely bored - even though there were 2 other blokes in the 4 bed ward. Could get out of bed by about midday, but couldn't travel very far as was attached to this blasted pole and saline drip - until i figured out how to disconnect it from the wall plug without setting off the 'alarm'.  Wandered around a bit then found a Readers Digest condensed in the waiting room, so dozed and read for the rest of the day. Almost began to enjoy it .. lots of nice young females wandering about, meals (which weren't that bad) delivered to the bed - except that the bed wasn't all that comfy.  Was rarin' to go first thing next morning. Rang Larry at about 9am - yer, i know, wasn't allowed to drive ... buuut, didn't know what to do with my car ... soo, while no-one was looking, drove home (with Larry following along behind in case something went wrong).

Five days later i had to turn up at the Dental Clinic to have some teeth out on Weds 30th. Never rains but it pours (actually! - 150mm on Sunday 27 and Monday 28) .. but no floods up this way. 'Twas most welcome, as was getting down to quarter tank. Dental clinic not before time ... have been waiting three years. The plan is to have a couple out every two weeks or so, then a month wait until i can get a set of bright shiny 'movie star' ones (well, that's the hope, anyway).

Lovely lady at the Clinic - didn't feel a thing. All done and dusted in 20 minutes. Ached a bit when the anaesthetic wore off later that day, but didn't need a Panadol. So ALL'S WELL!!



Davoh said...

Dunno what happened there. It seems that Grungle "automatically" inserted into my post, the code for an "advertisement". Have yet to figure out a way to entirely delete it.

Davoh said...

On the other hand - looks as if have inadvertently, by "copy 'n' paste" included some information from my email address. Interesting

Davoh said...

Buuut "just because I can" doesn't actually translate into the Australian National 'defence materiel' politics. Long story.

Vest said...

I still have eleven of my bottom teeth but erzats gnashers at the top - no gaps when I smile.

I thought the horsey lady was dealing with your erectile probs.

Davoh said...

Heh, Vestie .. have hung on to my remaining "original" molars fer as long as i could ... but hey, not really "socially" acceptable - given the Aussie tendency to follow the Yank TV images these days of "perfect" people.

Davoh said...

um, Vestie .. have just re-read that comment.

So,in answer; there is no intimate "horsey lady"; or any other who is willing to share my intimate 'skin on skin' naked moments.

While yes, the expandable little piece of flesh between thighs may be capable of expelling urine ... dunno about its capability of 'insertion'.

However, i do have 5'9" of the rest of a body that remains erect ... heh.

BBC said...

A few toys are nice, I have a radio controlled boat and had a plane that I couldn't keep in the air.

Females, bah....

Davoh said...

Um, Billy B; life has a tendency to change somewhat. The Jackaroo blew a head gasket - so, any self indulgent toys are very low on the budget priority.

Davoh said...

Also .... never buy anything "online" from websites that do not offer local email addresses or phone numbers - I didn't (just in case you were worried - am not THAT silly).

Davoh said...

AAAnd, if anyone was wondering what the reference to disastrous Aussie 'defence materiel' purchases was about -

.. just put 'strikefighter' into yer favourite search engine .. heh.