Saturday, October 20, 2012

Officially registered

Um, for those vaguely following - just thought to let yuz know that the truck (Jackaroo 4WD) is now an 'officially' registered motor vehicle in NSW; allowed to be UN-noticed on both highways and by-ways.

Bittuvan anti-climax, actually - i rather liked being a 'cleanskin' , 'illegally' sneaking though the forest tracks.

(won't tell you how much it actually cost to negotiate through the NSW "Blue slips, Green slips etc."). Wasn't cheap .... ah, bribes by any other name.

However, motor vehicle now carries the golden plates which - by accident, serendipity or otherworldly design say - more or less - Bullshit, 05, Pissup.

There will be journeys to look forward to.


BBC said...


Davoh said...

Define 'insurance'. Life is a lottery - haven't enjoyed 68 earth years avoiding physical damage without some sort of notion of the 'how'. Why should i pay some other financial enterprise to "protect" me?

Davoh said...

Insurance? heh. have had experience with that sort of 'sanctioned' scam.

One of the biggest jokes is "life" insurance ie - ya don't get the 'payout' until yer dead. Logical? Bit like the Roman church, and Muslim version of 'religion'. Pay us all you have while alive - and you will get yer reward 'in heaven' - but ya hafta get dead first.

Meanwhile the Caliphs, Popes, build Palaces on the 'subscriptions.

Vest said...

So you will be too busy to call now you are gadding about in your Chelsea Tractor hmm?

Davoh said...

um, Vestie - might take some umbrage over you calling it a 'Chelsea Tractor': at this point of time it's an Aussie truck.