Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Another interesting word.

At this point of time, know quite a few "real" names, locations, phone numbers, addresses.

Would i ever "publish" them, on the 'internet'. NO.

Would i ever secretly 'onsell' them to third parties for commercial gain. NO.

Trust is an interesting concept. One of the reasons why i avoid "Facebook" .

They ask for too many 'details' that am not prepared to "share" with the rest of the planet, and certainly do not want my 'personal details' available to any, all, and sundry "telemarketers" and/or "email scammers".

At this point, i don't even trust 'blogger'.

If i wish to share my name, address, phone number ... i will choose to do so.

On the other hand, any casual reader with intelligence, time and intent can 'research' this blog - and it wouldn't take much to 'discover'.(PS, have to click 'publish' now - 'blogger' is giving me 'warnings' that i can't 'publish' this post)


Davoh said...

.. aand yer, the next 'topic' word might be "frustrations".

BBC said...

I don't call it Facebook, I call it Facefuck.

Vest said...

BBC: I prefer facebonk.

Davoh said...

... Farcebonk?

GreenSmile said...

have been dabbling with, a social message hub founded by a guy with profound distate for the way FB sells users to advertisers. May try my hand at writing a app for their engine. You pay US $50 for the use of the service but there will never be an advert come to your inbox or reader screen. might seem elitist but if you don't pay for the service,you ARE the product on them internets.

Davoh said...

Sheesh GS, are you still alive - might though, have to 'check this 'name' out, it might be 'hijacked' ... heh.