Saturday, July 28, 2012

refugees 2

What is a refugee?

Yep, this post has been prompted by many reasons. Some of them from "politics" - in that have been watching Tony Abbot's simplistic "press Statements". So, will begin there.

There is, basically, no way that anyone with any degree of human intelligence or empathy can "turn back the boats".  Times, information flow, and attitudes, have changed since John Howard "ruled the roost". George W. Bush is no longer the "Golden Boy" of international politic (was he ever?).

Tony Abbot is "Jesuit trained" - but the Pope can no longer command the 'armies' of 'believers' willing to 'take up arms' and 'fight to the death' for a belief in an unprovable theory.

Am, of course, fortunate in that was born, raised, and grew in Australia for the 67 years of my entire life - with easy access to information across a wide range of topics, towns, cities, States. Could travel across "State" borders with little hindrance - have never 'travelled' outside Australia - so is difficult for me to comprehend what it might be like to negotiate the bureaucratic barriers. The sheer jolt, discrimination, utter disconnection, of finding self in an 'alienating' society, rules, laws  - perhaps antagonism.

And yep, the reason i mention this is because have, in my travels around Australia, encountered "discrimination". 

"If yer GranPa ain't burrid in the local graveyard - yer an outsider".



Gerry said...

Racism is xenophobia's ugly cousin. It requires a large dose if ignorance and ill will to harbour either.

Davoh said...

Who decides - what's "right" and what's "wrong"?

Gerry said...

We do, Chuckie, we do...