Sunday, July 22, 2012



OK, have' published it'  .. Do with it what you will

It, actually, achieves 5/8 of F all (depending on philosophical mathematics).



Vest said...

Last two comments fauiled.

Vest said...

Suffering Mondayitus, bad pommy cricket news, asshole from next door with truck destroying our frontage, weather cold and wet. gaining access to your blog impeded even more when Googling that peculier link you posted. My circa 1945 Sino built abacus cross enigma decoding thingy Mk-0 screeched out a receding dalek kinda warning in mandarin and blew several valves finally giving up in a puff of acrid smoke.
Would it be not asking too much if you re-publish your current posts inst; preferably in Espreranto or even in modern English.
Btw I hope your problems with itching Piles is improving for the better, may I suggest you seek out a more comfortable saddle for riding your horse.
PS, Is it aways winter in your neck of the woods.
In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Davoh said...

Vestie - yes, it would be asking too much ... for me to publish in anything approaching understandable englais .. and no, do not have itching piles (well, not the last time i looked - or even someone else looked .. i.e. shoved a camera up there). As far as saddles go - yes, i did mention to the rather intimidating female tutor that she get it re-stitched since it actually drew blood - but she, like everyone else these days, refused to listen to any practical suggestions that i might make. So, basically, suffer in silence.

Winter? Well, the chill of my discontent may have recently had a brief glimmer of hope from the son - not of York, mind you, but from the lion of ancient loin.

Luv ya, ya grumpy old pom.