Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the art of growing vegetables

Um - if you thought that this is an academic 'treatise' - go away.

Has , perhaps, very little to do with  "Art".

Has, perhaps, very little - or much

with the concept of

Ask yourself:
What is a vegetable.

And yep, the pic of the bloke on the horse is dated: but have to say that haven't any 'recent' (um edit; the pic with the lad with the kid was actually yesterday - will have to "date"  it, sometime) - although the bloke on the horse still is - attending the 'riding school'. Last Friday we (me, the horse, and my tutor) attempted some 'dressage' exercises without stirrups.


Vest said...

Davo: Are you the one without the beard but with the horns. Nice eyes.

Davoh said...

I could be all, or none - of them, Vestie
Depends on belief ...