Saturday, June 23, 2012

a sniff of snow

didn't know, of course
about the midnight drift
of snow.

Was hunkered down
in my old age chair,
by the old age
wood fuelled
"slow combustion"

watching the new digital age
of free to view television, via spiffy new
digital satellite transmission.

Images freeze, pixillate.
message on screen
"no service"

mmm, think i, problem somewhere.

look out of window
snow on ground.
 satellite dish collects all sorts of crap from sky.

Have, once previously, found ladder
climbed on roof
through an inch of snow to clear the dish.
Not at 2am.

Is this "the New Age" of communication?

 Why do you wonder why have purchased an "old tech" 4 wheel drive motor vehicle.

and keep my ancient "ski" clothing and abilities, walk from here to there.

There is a discussion about  "Global warming".

So be it. But it's not about that - it's about "climate change" - and adaptation,
Perhaps survival.

So be it.


John L said...

.....and snow in Angaston.

Vest said...

Survival is the most important issue.

Gerry said...

Survival? Most of us here won't have our survival threatened by climate change. We're too old.

But spar a thought for your great-grandchildren. From what I've read they'll be living on a much more climatically, environmentally, and economically hostile planet.

Vest said...

The hostility has been here since Cain - if you believe that crap.

Vest said...

Sort of orderly premeditated and regulated hostility, folowed by industrial size - export quality frigging electric bills.

Davoh said...

Um, Gerry, have only sprogged one male child. Who may perhaps be homosexual.

It's not about ME; or MY descendants.

It's about the short term future of planet earth.

Do WE as humans, have some control over it -

or is it "eat, drink, and be merry - for tomorrow we die"

Davoh said...

(... can someone give me the private number of Gina Rhinehart) - might - from my point of view - be fat and ugly .... but hey, who cares when there is a few billion dollars to throw .. into ideas ...good, bad, indifferent, and ugly.

Perhaps Gina is aiming fer the "President" of Australia.
(she'll have t' fight Malcolm Tunbrill fer it tho)

Vest said...

Gerry, you are only too old when you are dead.urengo 276

Vest said...

slight cockup somewhere.

BBC said...

Stop your fucking whining, I'm two years older than you are and I don't carry on that much about getting old.

Go do something you fucking fuck.

Vest said...

I presume the yankee dick wit is ahead of his time talking about hiself.

PipeTobacco said...


Interestingly, I had not really been thinking about the Winter the Southern hemisphere is experiencing, as today (in my neck of the woods) we will approach 99 degrees Fahrenheit (~38 degrees Celcius)

I have found your blog interesting and hope to stop by more often.


Davoh said...

Yup, Pipe tobacco - 'tis one of things that i keep trying to remind the arrogant inhabitants of the "Northern Hemisphere".

There is an entire half of Planet Earth.

OOO, perhaps there are intelligent lifeforms here.