Sunday, May 27, 2012

linked in?


Why? because it's called 'data mining'. Why do i object? Has nothing to do with anything that i 'have to hide'. I don't:: am a 'cleanskin'; am not, and never have been a "criminal" - according to "official" police - or any other - records.

 While yes, depending on which tribe is agressing who - there may be 'misdemeanour's' in my longish life that could be blown out of all proportion - i remain of the opinion that "criminal" actions should be dealt within the Australian (hopefully, and so far 'non-corrupted) "Courts of Law".

It saddens me that Tony Abbot and his cronies, without valid policies - can find nothing else to try to 'destroy' a valid parliament except by accusations and innuendo.

So, let's look at the achievements of this parliament first....

Leave the petty personal for later.

Where was i? ... oh - google. Um. they know where to contact me. However, my "original" email "sign in" address is no longer valid (i.e.. send it and it will bounce). BUT!!! that is also my 'unique' sign in, as well as my password(s).

Hey, been on this platform since  ......?

or thereabouts.

Times don't change - and greed will always find a way.
- to destroy this blog - mainly because i refuse to allow "advertisements" -
on this method of, perhaps incomprehensible -  albeit unpredictable - method of communication.


Vest said...

Seems 'Old Timers' Disease has increased three fold.

Davoh said...

Wot? Ah, might remind you that a diamond has many facets. View it as you will - Assume what you choose.

Davoh said...

.. and yes, i do have to deal with residual anger. Honestly - if Rupert Murdoch ever comes within fist range - it won't be a 'custard pie'.

Davoh said...

Nah, will rephrase that. A diamond looks like piece of scungy melted glass ... until ....

Ira Morse said...

LinkedIn really confirmed that some passwords is hacked. I am afraid that even LinkedIn is not super secured. Maybe, sharing our identity in LinkedIn would put ourselves in danger.


Davoh said...

Yer, well, paranoia may be placed, understood, mis-understood .. or mis-placed. Depends on individual perceptions, i guess.