Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homo sapiens

Mmmmm, interesting concept,.

Have been re-reading.

'man wise'?

No wait - we have been re- classified - according to paleoanthropologolists as
'homo sapiens sapiens'. 

Wot? Wiser than wise?

Bleah! Might just snuggle up to my cousins the bonobos.


BBC said...

We've always just been a bunch of monkeys fucking around. That of course has nothing to do with a spirit trying to evolve in us.

I said spirit, not god.

You clearly do not care if you get comments from other monkeys being as you use that damn verification.

I don't know why when you only have four readers.

Vest said...

BBC Noticed you have had six callers to your blog since 2011.
Popular jim.

BBC said...

Vest, you're so full of it, I get over twenty visitors a day and when on a good rant I've at times had over 700.

Vest said...

Sorry BBC I meant Comments.

BBC said...

There's been folks that have visited my blogs daily for years that have never commented, I don't know why. And being as I now have comments turned off because of a bitch I guess it's beside the point.

Gerry said...

Blog authors can be _such_ a bitchy bunch... :-)

Davoh said...

Gerry ..mmm. Honest expression is always uncomfortable, i guess; depends on intrinsic personal 'beliefs'.

Billy B, you might have gathered (understood) by now that - while all posts on here are 'disconnected' - there is a basic premise.

"be nice, and use written language to either 'inform' or 'amuse'".

Billy B, have not the slightest interest in 'creating controversy' on this blog; nor counting readership for 'advertising' a product that readers may, or may not want.

Davoh said...

Also, Billy B; while you may well see 'everyone else' as monkeys - self sees little indication of your understanding of how 'evolution' actually works. From my point of view, and after some considerable reading into the science of microbiology ....

We are, actually, the result of microbes; not monkeys.

Davoh said...

and, Billy B - you understand (hopefully) teh difference between homo sapiens sapiens, chimpanzees, and bonobos.

Also, that all "mankind" - i.e. "human beings" originated from a chemical soup roughly 4 billion years ago?

If not, there's not much to discuss.

Davoh said...

*correction - 'discuss'? OK, will change that to "get agitated about".

Davoh said...

And yes .. read up on the 'bonobos'. Prefer to be "in their tribe" ... heh.