Saturday, May 19, 2012

civil rescue

Interesting concept.
"voluntary" organisations.

Does anyone really know how much it costs?

Bushwalkers 'become lost', 'base jumpers' make an error of judgement,

Motor vehicle drivers drift on the highway.

Smoke and flames come through the bush.

Who ya gunna call?


Davoh said...

I might, at some point in my disparate life - write something about the Australian "volunteers".

Only because have, by some fluke, managed to acquire a 'certificate'.

BBC said...

I've resisted commenting cuz I have to prove I'm not a robot but I've done a lot a volunteer work over the years and found it rewarding. Although I at times have to turn off the fact that I'm helping bottom feeders also while helping those actually in need of some short term help.

Vest said...

had a look.

Vest said...

Must have been really chilly last night at your Sunny Corner up in thar hills.
Here in normaly temperate Budgewoi the pawn brokers sign disintegrated during our coldest night this year.

Davoh said...

MMM, Vestie - apparently the locals out here in the wild, wild western hills light bonfires to keep warm ...