Tuesday, May 29, 2012

am a lucky person

um have been looking at the odds .

Several million (billion, trillion?) sperm cells; only one achieved contact.

The odds of achieving  birth in 1944 ... ? Depends, was fortunate to be born in Australia.

Think about it.


Vest said...

Minnie was spayed,jabbed and micro chipped at the Bateau Bay Vet on Monday. Minnie Approx 18 months of age has two eight week old red head sons available for adoption.

Davoh said...

Is Minnie yer daughter?

Nah, seriously, there are (or were) six black-furred pups next door. Product of Falcon (Alsation) and Shadow (? breed) that i could have added to my household. Have, however, enough trouble trying to keep Abby under control. Also seem to have been 'adopted' by Charlie - a very intelligent, gentle, 15 yr old Border Collie.

While yes, Vestie, there are times when i might dream of having a youngish redhead in this household - she has to be able to stand on two legs and wash dishes .. heh.

Davoh said...

.. and yes - could have titled this post "winning the lottery".

Me, being alive, at this point of time IS ...

Others may dispute my claim. (involved, and dodged, the random bullets of serious warfare - for example.

That is not my point.

I am who i am.

BBC said...

Your luck will run out someday, but so will mine.

Davoh said...

Luck? Billy B? Nah - just an interesting confluence of circumstance.

And yes, at some point of time - my physical body will be subsumed, incorporated into the atoms of the Universe.

linda jones malonson said...

I feel the same way, lucky to be born in America of all places, in Mississippi in 1948. Good thing my family had good gene as corn fed farmers or I too would have been left by the wayside. Yes, lucky to have been born during that time.

I Miss you D --- even though my blog is retired, I couldn't help but drop by to see how you are doing. After all, you are the inspiration for my new book, lol!

linda jones malonson said...

I forgot to ask you .. there is a piece you sent me, a communication that | would love to put in the "preface" of my book, I was wondering if I might have your permission, as that piece inspired the book itself. You can email me your permission and I will be glad to share the piece I am talking about, just in case you have forgotten it. My email address is lindamalonson@gmail.com.

Davoh said...

(this conversation is under discussion - am not dead yet)