Tuesday, April 10, 2012

faith vs FAITH

Dunno about you lot. my only remaining faith is that self will wake up in morning.

Think about it.  Dunno about what you lot (the readers of this blog DO, of a 'daytime') -at some point in your lives there has to be accepted the point of 'sleep'.

Deny it as best you can - philosophically; and practically - it happens -

Try as best you can - and yes; have had one 36 hour try  (under ocean stress)..... at that point my body told me 'need sleep'.

Did i 'wake up' ?..... um, since it was only 30 year ago, and managed to get a boat from A to B - apparently yes.



Davoh said...

an no - did not "walk on water" .. but getting a puny 32' yacht with 4 persons on board ... through a bittuva Bass Straight blow was an interesting experience.

Davoh said...

.. and yes, the concept of "sleep" has begun to fascinate me. What happens when self has, basically, "lost consciousness". Curl up (or down) in bed (or in a swag, or on the floor), pull doona over head ..lose conciousness.
Sometimes i dream, or think i dream.

but there is always a moment, when conciousness returns. There may be sunlight on my eyelids, or the dog at my feet stirs.

Oh shit, think i, another day;
another few hours of life.

What am i going to do about, or with, it.