Sunday, March 18, 2012


OK - for all your ills, 'partner's problems'; too much rain, or not enough; politicians mistakes; the rest of the world going to hell in a handbasket -----

Blame HIM -


Vest said...

This poor blameless silly Billy burdoned with the sins of the Faith Industry from time immortal.
It was Arron with a square un and that yom kipper someone should have stuffed up him instead B Goat.

Reminds me of you a bit, facially, I know you are living in the wilds and romantic options bleak.

Nice Pics.

Davoh said...

Heh ... will add some more pics of goat .. rather like him, actually; stroppy animal.

Davoh said...

.. and .. has 'stiff horns' and bigger balls than me (might post a pic of them - if the 'thought police' allow).

Vest said...

At Chalgrove, Oxon Eng, during WW2 We had a dozen or more pure white goats and a stud Billy goat named 'Rexona'. he was hornless but Horny. His pheromones pervaded the country air to some great distance.

Davoh said...

pheromones ... interesting notion.

Self has been destroying nasal cells for many years - courtesy of the tobacco industry. Can i smell this bloke .. Nup.

Have been told that 'when he's on heat, stinks like a billy goat'. Have o take their word fer it, i guess.

Going back a bit; DID avoid 'cigarettes' and nicotine some very many years ago .. rode my bicycle along city streets - it stank.