Monday, October 31, 2011

which witch

am looking at local 'clocks'.
One of them tells me that it's 1.05 in the morning in Australia .. but on the other hand - some States use "Daylight Saving Time" ?? anyway, there seems to be some confusion since queensland (um, only a few miles north from where i sit; chooses to be .. weeell queensland, but totally against the English Queen and any thing vaguely Commonwealth .. but that's their problem and guess that the rest of Australia will cope .. England and the USA seem to be yesterday ..

O, where was i .. ah .. timing.

Happy Halloween .. wherever you happen to be.

All Hallows evening.   mm,  Interesting set of words "all" "hallows" ... "evening"  .. oops.


John Myste said...

Happy Halloween to you sir. On this day I doff my hat to evil with you.

Vest said...

Which makes all Australians born and bred older than the majority of people born elsewhere at the same moment in time.

Given up Woad and Morris dancing and after four doorknocks have decided Halloween is to get the chop too.
We have a "Go Away" sign for the front entrance when anticipating religeous callers, and a special doormat outside which reads "Oh No. Not you again".

Gerry said...

Halloween / Trick or Treat? Just one more way Australia is turning into the 51st State of the Union. I'm not having a bar of it.

Vest said...

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Gerry said...

Vest, are you saying that your blog actually earned that amount and you actually got paid that amount?

Vest said...

Gerry I get your point.
It probably earned more for Google than I.
My payment cheque is still in the post.

Davoh said...

Ah .. ethical investments ... heh; heheh, heheh

phil said...

I resemble your remark about Queensland.

In the dusk, with the light behind me.

Davoh said...

Phil, wherever, whenever ..