Saturday, October 22, 2011

another 'ism'

"journalism" (see later).

An aside, would you believe that words beginning with the letter "j"  comprise the smallest chapter in - at least my - dictionary? Yes, 'tis an old, well worn, frayed at the edges; the spine and binding repaired many times with Chinese manufactured gaffer tape - edition of the Chambers's Twentieth Century DICTIONARY (revised edition with supplement); published in 1961.

There are, of course; some annoying, younger, people who exhort me to "get with it", "update" .. but oy, am old enough to, now, choose my timings, and not be 'pushed around' too much.

I don't have a "TV" or read "newspapers" .. much - So, have very little to report - or get excited about. The past few weeks have been without major incident. The weather has been calm, warmish (depends on reference point - daytime temperatures more than 15C), more or less sunny; with the occasional cumulonimbus cloud occlusion drifting idly by.
The butterflies are beginning to spread colourful wings, bees are delving into the intricacies of floral apple tree reproduction.

The families  -15 or so individuals -  of King parrots, and similar numbers of Blue cheeked rosellas still turn up at dawnish ... nah, rephrase; two or three individual scouts of both species arrive at dawn, sit high up in the nearby branches of the local trees and wait until i decide to "feed the chooks" (which varies between before dawn and around two or three hours later - dunno why everyone gets stroppy about "daylight saving". Makes no difference to when the Parrots turn up .. it's called "dawn"). Then; call in the rest - hey "twitter" is not new.

Am, now, fascinated that there is magnificent mix of young and old among the bird population.

Oh, chooks. I did, and still have, a female Rhode Island red who flew over the fence into my yard (might characterise it as a 'refugee' - but far be it from me to 'anthropomorphise'; long story ) some months ago. She began to lay eggs. Silly me felt sorry for her so acquired a  Rooster for her (from a friend round the back).  mmm, am not sure whether that decision was a good idea, as he has a tendency to "crow", raucously, in the middle of the night, and all times of the day. "Oy, you", i grumble at him, "just because you get nooky, no need to shout about it!" .. but he doesn't listen to me .... but they seem a happy couple.

On the other hand, might acquire some more hens for him, and build a chookhouse (in the vague hope that he will too busy to chortle ..)

Have been planting a few seeds (of the vegetable variety) .. but am sort of waiting until November since we had snow last October (was warned - "don't plant tomatos until after the Melbourne Cup" .. ok, perhaps this year will listen to the "locals").

AH, "newbies".  Always have much to learn (have, actually, been having a few 'linguistic' difficulties with a local "Doctor's". While yes, i do recognise that getting GP's into "the countryside" is becoming difficult - hey, this is not "the outbacks".  Could, if I wished, drive to the Sydney CBD in three hours - but the last hour and a half would be after i reached Parramatta. Would be nice if Dr. Abdul and Dr. Tan understood irreverent Aussie slang and humour .. buuut, hey, we get by .... )

So, where was i .. ah -

"journal" n. a daily register or diary. (nup, ain't a journalist)

"journal" n. (mech) that part of a shaft or axle which rests on bearings ..

"journey" n. a day's work or travel ....

.... heh ...


Vincent said...

A nice journal from a non-journalist. Glad you are still writing, I seem to have stopped. Are you still having the riding lessons? They are of particular interest to me. I owe my existence on this earth to my mother taking some riding lessons from a likely lad in Perth, back in 1941.

Davoh said...

Short answer Vincent - yes, specific interactions with horses on going .. but only 'once a week'.
retrospective writings will happen, am not dead yet. .. heh

Davoh said...

.. but o have been given a 'quarterhorse' - only 14.5 hands, but has a mind of its own .. heh ..

John Myste said...

I don't have a "TV" or read "newspapers" .. much - So, have very little to report - or get excited about.

Ah, so you are returning to man’s natural state. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

”These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God to-day. There is no time to them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.”

The comment reminds me of something Vincent might say, actually. Hmm. I should tell him and see if he agrees or finds some subtle distinction, a little meaningless thread, that to him must be pulled to unravel the connection.

Davoh said...

Mr. Mystie - my world has shrunk. I find, now, that i have little interest in what happens beyond the distance further than which i can walk.
(or ride a horse - but that's a different story .. heh)