Tuesday, September 06, 2011

closing Kirkconnell?

There is a small establishment nearby.  Occasionally the residents turn up and mow lawns in the vicinity. The residents of Kirkconnell also run a 'community' program by the name of "Helper dogs" ..

Fascinates me - at this time - that the recent, newly elected, local, State "Liberal"* administration should now consider "balancing" the "budget" by  "decreasing" teh "Public Services" by 5000 employees - but 'increasing' Police Forces, while decreasing places to put 'those caught' (?)

Also, paradoxically, there seems to be a "State government" 'initiative '  TO 'INCREASE'  "ROYALTIES" from mining Companies in NSW to decrease that available to the 'other inhabitants'. To also "add" a levy that may well "increase" the price of electricity in NSW by perhaps $AU12.00 per year?.

And these are the people arguing most fiercely against "Federally funded contributions to slow the effects of anthropogenic climate change"?

Yer, well .. if that's what these people want, are trained into  mindsets circa George Orwell and Marshall McLuan   ...   put on the armour, play mindless Gridiron. You'll all be dead, eventually. Mad Max.

*  for the understanding of intelligent people who live in the small patch of ground between Canada and Mexico - ersatz "tea party" republicans .

Have to repeat this quote .. found somewhere on the interwebs, and will "paraphrase" ..

If Julia Gillard walked on water .. the 'headline' in the Murdoch male propaganda machine would be ..

"Gillard can't swim!!!"

mm. thinks .....


Davoh said...

..mm, if ya wanna seriously argue. Tell me the name of the Governor of Judea. 1300 years past.

Davoh said...

or tell me about the fate of Hypatia.

Davoh said...

you could, perhaps, explain t me why the library of Alexandria was 'sacked' several times.

Davoh said...

.. and believe me .. the guys (supervisors and families) are really nice people. not "Blackwater" mercenaries.

Vest said...

Re libraries in Alexandria Egypt.

Alexandria, Egypt...1944.
Our stay in Alexandria, Egypt was enjoyable. The canteen at the Services
Club was super. Near the jetty, a dead dog floated upside down with his
legs up, all bloated and smelly. After avoiding it for a couple of days, my
duty as the bowman of the ship’s motor cutter gave me a chance to
despatch it with a jab from my boat hook. It exploded. The ensuing smell
was probably worse than the pig market smell in Jordan Road, Hong
Kong on a warm day, but the fish enjoyed eating the thousands of little
white squiggly things.
Alexandria, Egypt, more commonly referred to as ‘Alex,’ was very
diverse in the area of entertainment. This ranged from naughty post
cards to absolute obscenities. I must admit that as a young sailor,
curiosity got the better of me. I found a poorly printed locally- produced
publication doing the rounds of the mess decks. The titles left little to the
imagination. ‘The Naughty Countess’ was one and the other, ‘The
Autobiography of a Flea.’
The eye-opening information contained in these very naughty books
absolutely amazed me. In the Navy, these sorts of books were referred to
as Alex AFO’s (Admiralty fleet orders.) Many tales have been recounted
about a peculiar staged performance (which I hasten to admit I would
never have seen) supposedly taking place between a very large woman
and a donkey. War veterans have enjoyed many good laughs at reunions
when the fabricated telegrams from an Alex Madam were read, stating,
for example, “It is with regret that I inform you of the passing of the
internationally acclaimed donkey, ‘Lord Hee Whore’ aged fifty one years,
signed Fatima Omar, Madame, Sister Street, Alexandria, Egypt”. This
was usually followed by some drunken twit stating, “Cor blimey! That
bloody donkey led a long and fruitful life.”
The bordellos of Alex were firmly under the control of the British
forces. The Army, Navy, and.............

Davoh said...

Vestie .. that's "recent" history. While interesting, and may well be part of the attitudes of males from the "middle east" - was referring to the the unfortunate fate of Hypatia. one of the most intelligent females of her time. Flayed alive by the fanatical followers of Cyril, the "christian" bishop of Alexandria; at that time.

So, fanatics by another name?