Saturday, August 20, 2011


Curious word, am thinking about it.

Um, not the collection of five printed symbols - but the philosophy, understanding, behind them.


John Myste said...

When I was a child, say maybe 15, and my niece was also a child, say maybe 5, we used to “play animals.” I had these plastic animal figures, lots of them. Some were alligators. Some were bears. Some were snakes. Some were rabbits. I also had a board game called Clue. On the Clue Board, there were rooms.

Per our playing rules, each of us had some rooms and each of us had animals. The rooms were “locked” and could only be opened by invitation. Additionally, the animals had hierarchies of strength, so an alligator could eat a bear and a bear could eat a cat and a cat could eat a rabbit, for example. Of course, an alligator could also eat a cat or a rabbit.

I always had the alligator. The alligator always made friends with my niece’s little animals, and one by one coaxed them out of their rooms. My niece trusted my alligator, which invariably gobbled up most of her animals.

The next time we played, the routine was repeated, much in the same way as the first last time.

I don’t remember our play ever ending without my alligator dining until full. It was always able to gain her trust.

Trust is a mysterious thing.

I don’t fully trust anyone. I consider myself completely loyal, honest about anything important, and trust-worthy. I cannot know if the same applies to others.

Why? Because my alligator used to eat my nieces trusting plastic figurines.

Davoh said...

John M - there are many ways of looking at this concept.

So, allow me to look at it from my point of view.

Facts. I live with a 'real' 'live' dog. She has been 'adopted' by me. From what i could gather, she was 'abused' as a puppy. So far so good.

She has learned to 'trust' me, since, for the past two years, i have never 'abused' her.

At present, i have one dog: and the new neighbours have three dogs, six sheep, and four horses.
Canines have the 'instinct' to 'attack, kill, eat'.

Another neighbour with 'free range' ducks, hens, chickens and two goats with recently born young ones. These are NOT 'plastic' animals.

My canine plays happily with them.

Please explain to me why she doesn't 'attack, kill, eat'.

John Myste said...

Please explain to me why she doesn't 'attack, kill, eat'.

She is not angry or scared. She is not bloodthirsty. She is not hungry for other live creatures.

I also have a dog, and ironically, he is not plastic. He is a gentle soul and full of trust.

As you with your dog, I have never "eaten" his plastic animals, and he assumes I will not.

Vest said...

I believe faith to be the ultimate equal to trust, then again I am without one.

"Trust in God; but keep your powder dry".

Oliver Cromwell,1599-1658.

John Myste said...

Great quote. I like it. I like it very much.

Davoh said...

JM. ok, am a born locally, Australian, and have a viewpoint from here. Have a very dim view of "America" and it's policies and politics. While Vestie is loading me with a whole heap of "negative" political garbage - If i had a choice,would fight on his side, not America's - if that makes sense.

John Myste said...

Have a very dim view of "America" and it's policies and politics.

We in America do also, sir. You are not alone. We are an imperialistic plutocracy, which happens to also be an oligarchy. The majority of us are displeased with this, but the majority are also not a part of the ruling class.

Our only choices when we go to vote, is the decision of which corporate-owned candidate will most likely represent our personal wishes more than the others. We do not have a non corporate choice.