Sunday, August 07, 2011


 [pic added]
There are, of course, quadrillions of things to write about ... buuuut, can't be bothered, mostly (someone else has probably written about whatever it might be - and much better than me).

However, there is something locally that's quite exciting (well, to us yokels, at least).

A birth - of twins.

At approximately 10pm on the evening of Saturday 6th August - Petite, demure, Ms. S. M. of 'down the dirt road round the back' (common-law companion of Mr. Raphael M.) gave birth to twin boys.

Mother and offspring all in good health and doing well.




Snowy and sons (at nine hours old).

Hey, i might even adopt one ... heh.

(if i can get the proud dad to sign the forms .. heh).


Vincent Mulder said...

Love it! Judging by the kids, another of those mixed marriages?

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

This is amazing! Beautiful twins ... it rare for a cow to give birth to twin calves.

Vest said...

Very SUS,I admire your paternal instincts-you old goat.

Oddly enough your apparition could have easily fooled the nanny.

John L said...

I'd adopt one Davoh. Goats are great. We love Gertie, our goat.

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Goats! Hey, they look calves. I have been away from the farm too darn long .. or maybe I need a new pair of bi-focal!

Davoh said...

mm, Amias, was wondering .. heh.

Yep, Vincent - the wondrous mechanics of genetic diversity. (will post a pic of Raphael, the dad. He was, apparently, a wild "feral" captured some time ago so who knows what mixture his antecedents are).

Am still trying to figure out the inferences in Vesties comment.

Bittuva hike to get one to your place, John L. .. but will try keep posting "updates" on the pair.

John L said...

I meant I'd adopt one IF I WERE YOU. Sorry about that. We've got plenty down here.